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Cannonball run, Snowball run, Track Sessions and much more.

Auckland Motorsport

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Auckland Motorsport has been operating a few years now and have managed to take the Motorsport Scene by the horns and come out on top. Our first New Zealand CannonBall Run was one of the biggest street legal events held in the country and bought together every type of car fanatic including Exotic Supercar lovers and Japanese Drifters.

Here at Auckland Motorsport we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box. Our events are always original, unique and have a fair share of surprises. 

New Zealand has a huge motorsport industry, its competitors are some of the best talent in the world, but there is not much out there for your average enthusiast. Sure if your car is race prepped with a roll cage, bucket seats, fire suit and etc you can race on the track but what about the young guys with a limited budget. To them their cars are performance cars. 

We are out to provide track, drift and street legal race orientated events for a safe driving alternative to illegal street racing and making it fun at the same time. There is a lot of controversy at the moment with the whole “Boy Racer Act” and all the fines and penalties that are involved when getting caught with one of these new laws. Our intention is to address the problem at its source, by running legal and cheap motorsport orientated and related events for car enthusiasts. There are a lot of drivers that want to race their cars, so why not direct them to an event that is safe, and legally organised with police approval and participation. Let’s face it there are big kids out there too so our events are not limited to just “Boy Racers”. 

With new and innovative events coming up from us be sure to stay tuned…


The events

When you turn up in the morning you will be given a “Mission Pack” which will have maps and info for everything you need to do on the day.  You won’t know much about what you’re doing on the day till then, that’s part of the fun.

About 2 weeks out from the event you will receive your Competitor Information Email that will let you know what   you will need to bring on the day… Camera, pen, rubber chicken… That sort of thing.

1-2 weeks out your official sticker packs will turn up, if you are able to pick-up from us please let us know as our   freight costs are HUGE…  and it would help heaps.

If you want to know what to expect just have a look at the photos and videos from the past events, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing… See you there.

CannonBall Run

The biggest and baddest is back, Japanese Rocketships, Exotic Supercars and Monster V8’s wage war on the streets for the 2015 CannonBall Run. 

The theme for this year’s event is “Epic American Frat Party”. With Hawaiian shirts and Toga’s in abundance this will be the party of the year. We have some awesome prizes for the best dressed Frat Team so make them EPIC.

This year’s event will be based around the Auckland area with us starting from the awesome Hooten Reserve in Albany and finishing at a surprise spot where the real “Frat Party” kicks in.

Cannonball Run

It doesn’t go faster than this.

Snowball Run

Slippery slope, will you keep on track.

Track Sessions

Round and round it goes.

Free Test Drives

You’ve got to find your ride.

Extreme Gymkhana NZ

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Dodgy Drift Club

Would you let it slip, or seize the moment?